K-Series Bolt-On

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K-Series Bolt-On

Message  forgues le Jeu 8 Jan - 9:56

K-Séries Bolt-on

The headers all pretty much make roundabout the same horsepower to be
honest. Overall from all the Dyno's I have done I would say that the
Header is probably the most power gaining bolt on for the New Si. Most
make about 5-12whp more, but part of that is due to the surrounding

#1 Vibrant Performance Catted Header

I put the Vibrant Catted Header #1 simply because its a good piece
and on top of that most of the Cali guys can get away with it since it
has the catalytic. To my knowledge, this is still the only catted
header on the market for the Si.

#2 and #3 Vibrant Non Catted Header and Buddy Club Header

A Close #2 and #3 are the Vibrant Performance Non Catted Header and
the Buddy Club one. These both make the best power, the only reason why
I put Buddy Club #3 is because of the hardware you need.

#4 DC Sports Ceramic Race Header

Number 4 is the DC Sports Race header which are hardly ever in
stock anymore since DC Sports was sold. This header for the price $330
to $360 was the best one on the market at the time and made good power.
The only DOWNSIDE to this header was that for every 5 I installed I was
having the welder fabricate a pipe to replace the flex section. They
broke with regularity.

$5 Strup Racing Header

#5 on my list is the strup header only because its not to popular
yet and I haven't really seen to many to make a good decision on the

Now lets jump to the Intake Systems. I honestly think the factory
intake box is a good product to have and by replacing the filter
element with a K&N one and doing something like the hondata airbox
mod you can make equal power for alot less money. However, lets face
it, most guys that have a new Si are name brand whores just like I am
so lets rank them anyways.

#1 Injen Cold Air Intake

Injens Cold Air Intake System, part # SP1578 is hands down the best
power making intake system. I love this system and the power it made
repeatedly on the dyno. I never saw it make less than 5-6whp on any of
the cars. The only thing I do not like about this system which has
nothing to do with the performance is that the installation is a bit
tedious since your working in tight spaces and have to remove a couple
things to get it done properly. Overall though, for the price tag of
$250-$280 this is the intake to get.

#2 AEM Cold Air Intake

AEM's Cold Air Intake I didnt have to much first hand on, but we
did about 2 of them with supporting mods and it made similar power to
the Injen Cold Air. Same thing as the Injen CAI, the installation is a
bit tedious, but overall getting this intake will not make you unhappy
in any way. The AEM Intake systems are the originals and it makes about
3-6whp more from what we have seen.

#3 Injen Short Ram Intake

I really liked this intake system. It made about 4whp, sounded mean
and was a breeze to put on. The only downside is that the filter sits a
good 8 inches or so away from the header, which creates a little hot
air going in. Other than that, I'd say if your on a budget and are
worried about sucking in water, buy this intake system. You can pick
these up for about $210-$240

#4 Fujita Cold Air Intake

This intake system makes good power too. Its ashame it doesn't get
as much popularity as the Injen and AEM's, but it makes power, is
priced in the same range as the others and really should be at #3, but
not enough of them I have tested so you get the ranking.

#5 ALL the K&N's, AEM's, Ebay's.

You can use all of these intake systems, you know the results

Now the Catback Exhaust Systems. This is where it gets tough.
Power, Sound and Price. There are alot of things that will go into
picking the right exhaust for you.

#1 Skunk2 Mega Power R 70MM Exhaust

Assuming you have all the other parts, this exhaust makes the most
power. Every single dyno we have done shows that this system makes 4-5
more hp than anything else. Its a little on the loud side, but the
sound is clean. Skunk2s product's always have good quality and in the
occasion something does go wrong, you can count on the guys over there
to help you out. Typical Gains are about 5-9whp. Another advantage is
that this system is available for the 4 Door Si and the 2 Door Si. No
modifications needed. You can pick up one of these for about $460-$499
Shipped just about anywhere.

#2 Vibrant Performance Street Power Exhaust

This is by far the most popular. At one point, it seemed like I was
installing 2 of these a day here at the shop. Whats really not to like
about this system? It looks almost factory, has the lowest sound levels
of all the catbacks out, is priced very good and always makes 5-8whp on
any application using any header, using any intake. Vibrant Performance
hit the nail in the coffin on this catback system. There was a downside
at one point with the clamp but that was remedied lately when they
stated using the heavy duty clamp. Its kinda like the ones used on
truck exhaust systems. Another reason why I like this exhaust is that
you can purchase it for 4 door and 2 door just like the skunk2 70mm.
Overall, for $450-$490 shipped from most vendors this is the top
exhaust to get. Your car will sound nice, make more power, look factory
and your neighbors wont mind you driving in at 2am.

#3 Skunk2 Mega Power R 2.5"

Just like the Mega Power R 70MM this exhaust is awesome. With at
least 10 installs and dynos on this exhaust, there is no reason why you
shouldn't have it. It makes great power 5-8whp on most and its a little
loud, but it is a clean loud. You can pick this exhaust up for about
$430 to $470 from most places now as well.

#4 Greddy Racing Ti 2.5"

The Ti-C from Greddy was honestly my favorite system. It is only a
2 piece product unlike the rest that are 3 pieces. So installation is a
little quicker. The quality is always good, its Greddy afterall and the
sounds are perfect to what you would want out of a tuner exhaust
system. The only downside is that I have not seen it make huge amounts
of power even after mix and matching parts. At one point we did back to
back pulls with 3 different headers and didnt really see much of a
gain. It usually only made about 5whp. Either way, the Greddy TiC is a
nice system to have and you can find them for about $475+ now due to
the price increase at Greddy.

#5 The rest.. HKS, Invidia etc

Haven't really seen much of these to make any legitimate comments
on each, but I would expect the Invidia N1 to make gains like the
Skunk2 60mm and the HKS one in the same range.

So now that we have covered the Intake, Header and Exhaust Options
that will work, lets move into the parts that really just can't be

#1 Hondata Reflash

While I wouldn't recommend and neither does Hondata for that matter
installing a reflash on a factory car, this product for $595 is a
steal. I know some of you want to hear your VTEC kick in, but this
reflash is essentially making the power and doing it at the power band
the car loves most. The reflash doesn't really play with timing at all,
so putting Nitrous on the car is a plus!!

#2 Nitrous Kits

What is there to say. The engine can handle a 75 Shot like you put
a header on it. Clutch will eventually give out but the car can do it.
For $500-$599 for any of the Zex, Nitrous Express or NOS Kits is there
really a part that doesn't make more power per $1 than nitrous?

#3 Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket

Quality part that is only about $50 and makes 3-5WHP. Nothing much really to write on this.. GET IT

#4 Power Rev Racing ANYTHING.

Ok, so here is my P2R Plug in. Power Rev Racing makes Spacers and
Gaskets for the New Si's. I have personally done this 4 times and never
been dissappointed. First we took a bone stock Si. They all made about
179-182whp on our Dyno. Then we installed the Intake Manifold Gasket,
Throttle Body Spacer and 2 Throttle Body Gaskets and made 4-7whp more
every single time. For about $149-$159 depending on which P2R dealer
you go to (sorry, we have all the leftover Red) this should be the
first mod you do if your trying to get a little edge with the least
amount of money.

So in short...

With a Intake, Header and Exhaust you will get the higher 190 or
low 200's on your Si. If you take it the extra step and get the P2R
Products, Reflash you will see low to mid 200's if not a tad more.

At the track, cars with these mods are running 13.8's to 14.2's
(driver is much needed for the 13.8 passes) so you can build a pretty
stout daily driver for less than $2000. Save yourself some money by
buying all from the same vendor too if you can. We personally discount
a little more/are more easy to get suckered if your buying a combo or a
couple parts at the same shot.

(lien direct: http://k20a.org/forum/showthread.php?t=48514)

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Re: K-Series Bolt-On

Message  JRacing le Jeu 8 Jan - 15:47

good post sa,

très utile ! super

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Re: K-Series Bolt-On

Message  forgues le Jeu 8 Jan - 19:37

JRacing a écrit:good post sa,

très utile ! super

tnks mon gros:)
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Re: K-Series Bolt-On

Message  Lap le Dim 18 Jan - 2:50

ah les K20, une pure merveille de technologie. ya pas grand tête de mteur qui fow plus que ca stock

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Re: K-Series Bolt-On

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